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GE Security Slimline KeySafe

GE Security Slimline KeySafe

GE Security Slimline KeySafe (Image courtesy GE) By Andrew Liszewski

If fake rocks and welcome mats don’t seem like the safest place to hide a backup key to your home then you might just want to forgo the whole hiding approach altogether. This Slimeline KeySafe from GE Security (is their any business they don’t have a division for?) won’t fool anyone as to what its purpose is but the all metal construction will ensure no one besides you has access to the spare keys inside.

The pushbutton combination lock is easy enough for even kids to use and the code can be changed as often as is needed with over 1,000 different combinations available. But with 10 buttons I’m not really sure why it’s limited to only 1,000 combinations, maybe I’m missing something? And if you’re going to the trouble of memorizing a special code, why not just switch your door locks over to a combination lock instead?

The Slimline KeySafe is currently available from Amazon for $38.50.

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  • Hugo

    The 1000 combinations limit should be because of a 3 digit pin limitation. 000 to 999.

  • Ste

    Iam i missing something here, these have been out for ages, when i was in florida on holiday about 5 years ago the villia we stayed in had one of these so no one had to meet us with the keys…

  • Hotbox

    Hugo, you are incorrect. There is no 3 digit PIN limitation. The limitation is that you can use a number only once in your PIN. For example, you could use 1234567890 as your PIN, but not 1234567899. The downside to this type of lock is that it doesn’t matter what order you type your PIN in. If it’s set to 13579, then 97531 will unlock it, as would 15397, 39517 or 57391. Not very secure.