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hipDisk Gets Jiggy Not At All

hipDisk Gets Jiggy Not At All


By Evan Ackerman

Winner of the prestigious “Simultaneously Most Hip and Least Hip” award is the hipDisk, a totally unique musical instrument designed by Danielle Wilde. It’s billed by the designer (not us, the designer) as “the most undignified musical instrument ever,” and she’s not kidding:

As you gyrate spastically, switches inside the disk translate your movements into sounds. Yes, you could kinda do the same thing with a belt, but part of the point is visualizing the movement and resulting sounds. The designer will ultimately outfit a small orchestra of hipdisked women; currently there is no version for men. What a shame.

[ hipDisk ]VIA [ We Make Money Not Art ]


One response to “hipDisk Gets Jiggy Not At All”

  1. B says:

    Looks like this could have potential as a nintendo wii game – like the star trek song thingo