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Hello Kitty, Goodbye Free Will

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Free Will

By Ryan Nill

The Hello Kitty babysitting robot is now available for preorder. It contains facial recognition via stereo CMOS cameras, voice recognition technology, an ultrasonic sensor, a lift-up sensor, and an AV connector.

The 52 inch terror-doll can also chat with you in three wonderful personalities: it speaks as though it is a close friend, part of your family unit or to play an entertaining guess game. However, a little known fact is that its frigid, robotic heart contains no love or happiness, only a cold desire to conquer our world and enslave us all. It has moving arms and a moving head so that its evil, beady eyes from beyond can follow you around the room. This adorable murderbot comes with a mouse and AV connection, so it will hopefully be allowed integrate with your TV.

Oh, and at $6,299.99, even the price is vaguely evil.

Edit: it is neither satanic nor evil, merely creepy looking.

[ DreamKitty ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]