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Havaleena Outdoor Lights

Havaleena Lights (Images courtesy Tayo Design Studio)
By Andrew Liszewski

If buying those high-end ‘Chinet’ paper plates hasn’t succeeded in classing up your summer parties these Havaleena outdoor lights might be a better solution. The body of the lights are made from a 2.5mm aluminum tube topped with a clear acrylic diffuser. The color of the diffuser can be changed to white, green, orange or violet with an included set of 4 filters. The light itself is provided by a 1 watt LED that’s rated with a 50,000 hour lifetime and is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The Havaleena lights can also be used as self-standing torches with a special kit that includes extension tubes and a ground stake. It’s a nice alternative to flaming torches particularly if you have a lot of kids running around at night.

The Havaleena lights are available on the Tayo Design Studio website for $59 a piece while the torch kit (which includes a light) is available for $95.

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  • Kouroth

    I bet the low-tech alternative is cheaper.