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Levitation Desk – Who Really Needs Four Legs?

Levitation Desk – Who Really Needs Four Legs?

Levitation Desk (Image courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another great idea for cutting down waste and preserving the planet’s natural resources. Instead of building those ridiculous tables with four legs why not just build them with one? It makes so much sense it makes you wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. Hopefully the automakers of the world will also open their eyes and instead of building those giant 4 wheeled SUVs they’ll start building giant 1 wheeled SUVs instead.

Believe it or not though the Levitation table created by Alexandre Boucher is apparently more than just a design concept and actually works, though he won’t spill the beans on exactly how. My guess is the same answer I used through 2 years of high school physics, a gypsy curse. And that single leg can also be positioned anywhere under the table without it toppling over to accommodate existing furniture or other structures.

At the moment Alexandre is trying to find a manufacturer and hopes to sell the Levitation table some day. So if you want one now I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

[ Levitation Desk ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]