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Nostalgia Now: Pop-up Pirate USB Hub

Nostalgia Now: Pop-up Pirate USB Hub

pirate1.jpgBy Ryan Nill

Relive the best days of your childhood with fully functioning, USB powered, Pop-up Pirate game. Insert swords (complete with cheery tune) into the pirate’s barrel-home and wait for him to erupt. Pretend that he’s Johnny Depp and we can add a whole new layer of fun. Pretend he’s your boss and it gets even better.

Oh, and did I mention that he also doubles as a USB hub? USB 2.0, no less. That’s four USB 2.0 ports, located next to his USB-based power supply. Pretty nifty, if you ask us.

It’s $45 and is available for pre-order with stock expected August 10th.

[ Pop-up Pirate Game/USB Hub ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]