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Vibrating Ring Guides You To The Right Spot

Vibrating Ring Guides You To The Right Spot

Ring GPS

By Evan Ackerman

I hate to disappoint anyone, but although this may look like some sort of complicated sex toy, it’s actually a GPS interface. Each ring contains a vibrator that guides you to your own personal finish line with combinations of gentle stimulating buzzes to direct you (via your fingers) to go forwards, backwards, left, and right. British designer Gail Knight developed this device as “a way of helping women feel safe in areas they are unfamiliar with.” Not all of the electronics will fit into the rings, so the device includes a wireless remote that lets you input up to 8 characters, which is about enough for a zip code. A zip code is awfully general area in which to navigate, and most women I know (yes, I know a few actual women) would prefer to be able to reach a much more specific destination. If they ever reach production, these vibrating rings could do wonders to help get yourself off the beaten track. Currently nothing more than a titillating concept.

Seriously, it’s not a sex toy.



One response to “Vibrating Ring Guides You To The Right Spot”

  1. TechFresh says:

    This is great for those late night or weekend parties. Gets you to where you wanna go quicker and safer. Good job!