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DataGlass HMD Is Latest HUD Pirate Eye Patch

DataGlass HMD Is Latest HUD Pirate Eye Patch

dataglass hmd

By David Ponce

Oh how we love us the faux-pirate HUD wearing nerds. Walking around with their technology in their face like it’s something to be proud of. If you don’t mind being ridiculed by the more fashion conscious of us, then feel free to don the latest wearable display to grace tech blogs: the DataGlass HMD head-mounted video display. It hooks up to your flavor of portable PC via USB and displays a virtual 14 inch display right in front of your face. There might however be a saving grace to this device:

Japanese manufacturer Shimadzu is aiming this wearable display at industrial users, who often need to access tiny wearable PCs in a variety of weather conditions. That’s why the company hardened this unit, making it both dustproof and waterproof.

So it’s not aimed at Mr.Consumer. That’s good news though we expect hardcore nerds to still try to buy this, despite the $1636 price tag.

VIA [ SciFi Tech ]


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