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Reverse Peephole Viewer – For ‘Tactical’ Use Only

Reverse Peephole Viewer – For ‘Tactical’ Use Only

Peephole Reverse Viewer (Image courtesy SpyGadgets)By Andrew Liszewski

Even though this peephole viewer was apparently developed with the help of law enforcement “to help them assess potential hazards behind dwelling doors” I can’t help but assume the majority of people buying them do not work for any law enforcement agencies nor do they have any ‘tactical’ uses in mind.

Using a series of lenses the reverse viewer allows someone to easily have a look inside any closed room as long as there’s a peephole installed on the door. Of course it’s not exactly the most discrete device particularly in an apartment building or condo since you basically have to stand right up against the door and squint into the tiny viewer to get a good view but I’m sure there are those determined enough to still give it a try. And people wonder why I keep a piece of electrical tape across the peephole on my front door. (It’s mostly due to the illegal mongoose vs. cobra fights I stage every night.)

The Reverse Peephole Viewer is available from SpyGadgets for $88.

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