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Belkin Wireless USB Adapters

Belkin Wireless USB Adapters

Belkin Wireless USB

By Evan Ackerman

Belkin seems to be about to come out with something quite useful: dual purpose wireless USB adapters. The dongles should support USB 2.0 transfer speeds (hypothetically up to 480 mbps) and play nice with future wireless USB products. Hopefully, you’ll be able to plug one of these into your computer and the other one into a standard USB compliant device and create a wireless USB connection that’s transparent to your computer, thus bypassing a whole tangle of cables and the 5 meter USB cable length limit. There’s no information on the specific wireless method that the adapters employ or what their effective range is. Oh, and the dual purpose bit? Supposedly, you’ll be able to plug two Belkin dongles into the USB ports of two different computers and create an instant wireless network. That sounds so easy, it can’t be possible.

Although these haven’t been officially announced by Belkin yet, according to Everything USB, they’ll have an MSRP of $179.99 and support both Windows XP (SP2) and Vista.

VIA [ Everything USB ]