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Wattson Monitors Your Home Energy Use

Wattson Monitors Your Home Energy Use

Wattson (Images courtesy Bouf)By Andrew Liszewski

Besides their monthly power bill most people don’t realize how much energy they actually use on a day to day basis. So the Wattson was created by DIY Kyoto Ltd with the hopes of providing people with an easy to way to visualize this.

Now I’m not 100% sure how it ties in to your home’s electrical wiring but when you turn any appliance on or off or set it to standby the Wattson will provide an “immediate and understandable effect, showing how much power that appliance uses, and how much it costs to run.” It looks like the Wattson can also interface with your PC via USB providing power usage statistics over specific time periods in a handy (but boring) bar graph.

Pictured here is the Wattson Limited Edition with a wood accent finish that sells for about $710 but there’s also a simpler version that sells for about $250.

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