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Remote Control Blimp Bomber

Remote Control Blimp Bomber

Blimp Bomber (Image courtesy Draganfly)By Andrew Liszewski

When I was a kid we didn’t have toys with missile-launching, bomb dropping or even catapulting capabilities but somehow we still managed to hurt ourselves on a regular basis. Today’s kids though have it a lot easier since almost every toy on the market has some kind of projectile capability making that ever popular parent’s tag line ‘you’ll poke your eye out!’ all the more plausible. So it’s not surprising to see this RC blimp, which in and of itself is a fairly docile toy equipped with a remote control bombing mechanism.

The blimp has an indoor flying range of 100 feet and uses a couple of small fans on board to give you control over its speed and direction. Once you’ve got it positioned over a sibling’s bowl of cereal or carefully constructed house of cards a button on the remote will release the included bomb at which point you’ll want to make a quick getaway.

The RC Blimp Bomber is available from Draganfly for $69.95. And just a note to OhGizmo! readers living in the mountains, the Draganfly website warns that the blimp will apparently not float in high altitude areas due to the increased decreased air density.

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