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Comments Are Working Again. For Now.

By David Ponce

Sorry to all of you who tried making comments over the last couple of days. We’re not trying to silence you (We don’t think you’re “cowboys”. If you tried to comment, you’ll know what this means). We’re just struggling in our fight with the spammers. The latest is that they somehow managed to sneak 300 or so spams with a date three months in the future. This caused WordPress to subsequently think every new comment was being posted within 15 seconds of the last one (which was three months in the future, remember), thus triggering the comments throttling built into WordPress.

We’ve manually deleted all these spams, and commenting works again. We’re going to put up the Bad Behavior plugin (recommended by Vic) in conjunction with Akismet and hope for the best. We’re still unsure how the spammers managed to post-date comments this way, and if anyone has a clue, drop us a line.

But for now, happy commenting.