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Cool Hat Chills You Out

Cool Hat Chills You Out

Water Hat

By Evan Ackerman

In celebration (?) of the first crack at triple digit summer temperatures in here California (and a few other places, by all accounts), Hammacher Schlemmer brings us a possibility for some relief: evaporative cooling headwear. You may not look especially cool with this hat on, but at least you’ll feel cool, thanks to “a patented Hydroweave system that actually uses the suns energy to cause evaporation that draws heat away from your head.” Get the hat wet and put it on; as the water evaporates it cools your head, in much the same way that your natural sweat glands cool the rest of you. So basically it’s a fake sweat hat. Cool indeed, for under $25 in khaki or navy.

[ Hammacher Schlemmer ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]