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Blackle: Google’s Goth/Hippy Alter Ego

Blackle: Google’s Goth/Hippy Alter Ego


By Evan Ackerman

A while back, ecoIron calculated that if Google were to use a black background instead of a white background on its search page, over the course of one year 3000 megawatt-hours of electricity would be saved (assuming that 25% of people are still stuck with CRTs). And that’s the idea behind Blackle. Blackle is a fully functional Google clone, except it’s gray text on a black background. When your monitor displays a predominantly white webpage, it uses about 15 more watts than it does while displaying a predominantly black webpage. Google’s 200 million (ish) queries a day over one year adds up to something like $75,000 worth of energy spent on that white background. Not only does it save energy every time you use Blackle as opposed to Google, but it’s a good reminder that lots of people taking easy little steps to save energy can make a big difference. And, you know, it goes with my nail polish and eye liner.

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