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BigBelly Cordless Garbage Compactor

BigBelly Cordless Garbage Compactor

BigBelly (Image courtesy Seahorse Power Company)
By Andrew Liszewski

In the summertime everyone hits the beach and the local parks and the influx of people usually means all the garbage cans are left overflowing with trash. Combined with the heat and the local animal life that trash can become a spawning point for dangerous bacteria. The BigBelly combats this problem by operating as a standalone garbage compactor. As people dispose of their garbage it’s crushed down internally so the units can handle a lot more refuse than a standard garbage container. Not only does this keep trash off the ground but it means there’s less garbage pickup required as the BigBelly units don’t fill up as quickly.

They can also be used pretty much anywhere since the BigBelly has a solar cell on top that’s used to charge a 12-volt battery. A fully charged battery will last for a couple of weeks without any sunlight but even a little bit every day should keep the unit running non-stop. It’s also great for campgrounds and state parks since the latches used for the garbage slot and the all-steel construction are both raccoon and bear resistant.

Each BigBelly runs around $3,600 but that cost can be offset through the use of advertising and the money saved with a reduced schedule of garbage collection.

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