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OhGizmo Random Deals – Med School In A Box

OhGizmo Random Deals – Med School In A Box

Med School In a Box (Images courtesy Urban Outfitters)By Andrew Liszewski

We here at OhGizmo prefer to randomly report on deals or promotions that can really save you a lot of money. (Please ignore this post.) So what if we told you this ‘Med School In a Box’ could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding years of wasted time in some expensive ‘accredited’ university? You’d probably think we were crazy or maybe recovering from some fireworks related shell shock. Well why just think we’re crazy when you can know for sure after reading the ‘Med School in 96 pages’ mini textbook?

The kit also includes other useful learning tools like a ‘Medicine At a Glance’ card with tips on how to tell if a body is dead, extra credit course cards for polishing your bedside manner and ‘Heroes of Medicine’ trading cards to inspire you onto greatness. Then after you’ve spent the half-hour reading through all the materials you can take the ‘Med School Challenge’ test and finally accept the included ‘Med School In a Box’ diploma which is suitable for framing.

The ‘Med School In a Box’ kit is available from Urban Outfitters for only $14.95. And if medicine isn’t your thing they also offer a ‘Law School In a Box’ option for the same price.

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