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Welcome Back – The Continuing Saga (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I originally wrote about just over a month ago but I already know a lot of people who’ve come to rely on the ‘service’ as an alternative to work or general productivity, myself included. But sadly about a week ago disappeared and everyone assumed that the RIAA and their lawyers had them shut down. Of course from the beginning we all assumed the site wouldn’t be around for long but it was still sad to see it go.

However it seems the site actually went MIA because of a problem with the database and thankfully an old version has been recovered and the site is back online. Of course there seems to be a few more ads than I remember, particularly after you’ve selected your title and hit play but that’s not surprising. I did find things a bit slower as well, which was one of the big advantages to Joox in the first place but I’m hoping it’s also related to their temporary server issues.

But the bottom line is it’s nice to have you back Joox.

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