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Shower Timer – Make Your Life More Like 24

Shower Timer (Images courtesy Shower Timer) By Andrew Liszewski

I think the only reason I spend so much time in the shower in the mornings is that my mind seems to take a bit longer to wake up than the rest of my body. So half the time I’m standing there trying to remember where I am or what I should be doing. But maybe if I had a ticking clock staring me in the face I’d be more focused on getting the job done.

The Shower Timer is a pretty ugly looking large metal box that connects between your showerhead and the pipes in the wall and can be programmed to shut off the water after a set amount of time. So not only will it save you time in the mornings (or give you a few more minutes of shut-eye) but it also has the potential of reducing your water and heating bills.

I particularly like the built-in functions for those who try to ‘beat the system.’ Once the timer runs out it can be set with a waiting period before the water can be turned on again. Even better it also has a ‘discouraging’ shower function that I can only assume means a blast of cold water when the time runs out. To be honest I think that would be the only motivation I needed to get in and out of the shower as fast as possible.

The Shower Timer is available for about $340 and there appears to be quite a bit of ‘assembly required’ in order to get it working. Almost to the point of hiring an actual plumber to do it so you’ll want to factor that into the cost as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Andrew does not have a family! also, this article is 4 years old…like talking about personal beepers!  Get with it folks! go see the up to date information at
    Save water, time, and Money$$!!