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USB Tranquility Ball

By Evan Ackerman

USB Tranquility Ball
Still got a spare port on your daisy chain of USB hubs? Here’s another useless accessory to plug into it: a USB Tranquility Ball, which glows in 7 different slowly cycling pastel colors. It is “designed to fit nicely on your desk” and “creates a very romantic environment.” Er, on behalf of my co-workers, thanks but no thanks on that one. It also will apparently lower your stress levels and blood pressure if you watch it change colors, through chromatherapy. With this in mind, we here at OhGizmo feel obligated to warn you that the red in our logo may raise your blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rate, while enhancing your feelings of desire. So, please enjoy our website at your own risk (and at the risk of others around you).

[ USB Tranquility Ball ] VIA [ Everything USB ]


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