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systemX – Modular Fluorescent Lighting

systemX by Ross Lovegrove (Images courtesy yamagiwa)
By Andrew Liszewski

The ‘systemX’ fluorescent lighting system was created by Ross Lovegrove for yamagiwa Lighting Design and is really a unique and interesting twist on standard fluorescent tubes. The system is composed of modular ‘X’ pieces made of plastic and aluminum that each contain 2 T4 21W fluorescent bulbs. These ‘X’ pieces can be combined in different geometric layouts including large planes for lighting up an entire office space or smaller circles for illuminating a more intimate dining room table.

If anything the systemX lights definitely have more visual appeal than the standard fluorescent lighting setups I’ve worked under in the past. And thanks to “state of the art electronic technology” the systemX modules can even be configured with dimmers allowing you to create different lighting moods.

From what I can tell systemX is currently only available in Europe from yamagiwa but I doubt it’s something you can just walk into a store and buy. As for the US, it’s currently listed on their website as ‘Coming soon.’

[ systemX Modular Fluorescent Lighting ] VIA [ Inhabitat ]