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DV Hardware Reviews The HTC S710 Vox

HTC S710 Vox (Image courtesy DV Hardware) By Andrew Liszewski

I actually upgraded my trusty Nokia E61 to the HTC S710 over a month ago and while I really wanted to write a full review of the phone I haven’t had the time thanks to my ‘day job.’ Thankfully Thomas De Maesschalck over at DV Hardware did have the time to write one and overall he gives the phone an 8.5/10. For the specifics you can read his full review but here are my own impressions of the S710 after playing with it for a month now.

While the E61 was one of the best phones I’ve ever used I decided I wanted something a bit smaller and more importantly a phone with more 3rd party applications. Even after being out for over a year the list of apps available for the E61 was pretty dismal. At the same time I still wanted a dedicated keyboard so when I saw the S710 with its nifty slideout keyboard I knew it was the perfect fit.

So far the phone has been pretty good. Having been away from mobile versions of Windows for many years I can’t comment much on the upgrades made to Windows Mobile 6 but like most MS operating systems there have been a few hiccups here and there. Definitely more than the E61 ever had. On the plus side though there’s a mountain of 3rd party applications available which I really like. As for form factor for what the S710 is capable of it’s still remarkably small and pocketable. It is a bit on the heavy side but at the same time it tends to make the phone feel more solid than anything. And I have to say I’m especially impressed with what HTC has been able to pull off in only a few short years. The company entered an already crowded cellphone market and as far as I’m concerned are now producing some of the best Windows Mobile phones available.

For the complete specs on the S710 you can check out the product page on the HTC website.

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