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DARPA Wants Invisible, Self-Healing, Shoot-Through Shields


By Evan Ackerman

Not even the Predator has it this good… DARPA had decided to set aside $15 million to build super shields for urban soldiers. These shields will render the soldier invisible, and as if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also heal themselves and allow guns to be shot through them from behind while still providing protection from the front. DARPA doesn’t generally throw money away at completely impossible concepts, which leads me to think that there must be some shot at getting one of these produced in the near future. And it’s true, there has been a lot of progress recently made on things like visible light bending metamaterials and self-healing materials. Still, for such a fanciful (and technical) concept, $15 million doesn’t seem to be nearly enough, so we’ll see. Or ideally, we won’t see.

VIA [ Danger Room ]