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Cooling Accessories For Uncool Gamers

Wrist Pad

By Evan Ackerman

These USB cooling accessories are designed to help keep your hands and palms sweat free, supposedly improving your gaming performance. Both from Thermaltake, the Anti-Perspiration Wrist Pad (above) uses two fans to move cool air over the wristpad in the middle, while the DeskCool (below) uses a vibrating membrane to blow air over your mousing area.


Now, in order to actually spend money one of these things, I imagine you’d have to be a pretty hardcore gamer, right? But what hardcore gamer would admit to being put off his or her game when it gets a little toasty? Sounds like a pretty lame excuse to me, princess. If you fall into the aforementioned category, I would suggest going outside once in a while to build up your tolerance for minor temperature variations, and save yourself (and your self respect) the cost of getting one of these whenever they become available.

[ Thermaltake ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]


One response to “Cooling Accessories For Uncool Gamers”

  1. Kouroth says:

    There are some people who’s hands sweat nearly all the time, even if it’s cool. Not that I feel the need to buy this but there are times when it’s humid enough that it’d be great to have some airflow to carry away the moisture.