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Rolling Luggage Cart With Pop-up Desk

Rolling Luggage Cart And Desk (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

For those who consider the airports of their world their second home this rolling luggage cart can not only be used to carry your laptop bag but also includes a sturdy pop-up desk. If you’re really looking to get some work done it’s probably a far better alternative than trying to use your notebook while it’s balanced on your lap.

The desktop is integrated into the carts molded ABS and lightweight anodized aluminum frame, and it unfolds at the touch of a button into a platform 26″ from the floor, secured by the telescoping handle at two points and reinforced by a Y-brace underneath. The platform can hold up to 20 lbs., and can accommodate a 17″ wide laptop, or a smaller laptop with an external mouse. The carrying platform can fit a 36″ business case, yet the 17 3/4″ width of the cart allows it to maneuver in airplane isles. When fully compacted and stowed, it will easily fit into an overhead compartment.

It should be available from Hammacher Schlemmer closer to the end of June for $159.95.

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