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Epoq MP4 Video Watch Poses As A Metal Dress Watch

Epoq EMP-CVWD Video Watch (Image courtesy Wrist Dreams) By Andrew Liszewski

Portable TVs always fascinated me as a kid and as far as I was concerned having one as small as a watch was the pinnacle of that technology. Sadly it’s taken until just recently for video watches to become a reality. And by that I mean something that doesn’t look monstrous on your wrist giving away the fact that you’re watching a video when you probably shouldn’t be.

Well Epoq who already has a few MP4 video watches on the market will be releasing the EMP-CVWD model sometime in July of this year. What sets it apart from previous models is an all metal case and strap disguising it as a dress watch as opposed to something more suited for the wrist of your company’s IT guy. This way even the suits can get away with wearing a video capable watch without anyone knowing it. As cool as this sounds though looking at the product shot I can’t believe anyone would want to watch the new Transformers movie on a 1.8 inch screen. In fact I can’t believe anyone would want to watch the new Transformers movie period.

The EMP-CVWD watch will be available in 2GB and 4GB models starting at $199.

[ Epoq EMP-CVWD-2 Video Watch ] VIA [ I4U News ]


4 responses to “Epoq MP4 Video Watch Poses As A Metal Dress Watch”

  1. David Ponce says:

    Andrew… you didn’t just say you didn’t want to watch Transformers, did you? My goodness, writing for me has rendered you coldhearted and senseless… what have I done? Lol, Andrew, I promise not you beat you with that stick anymore…. Leave the dark side. Leave it now!

  2. Andrew Liszewski says:

    I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’ve taken a solid fanboy stance with this film. Optimus Prime would never have selected a truck with flames painted on the side. It just wouldn’t happen. And don’t even get me started on their ‘re-imagining’ of Megatron…

  3. Michael says:

    I don’t understand why people are always so critical of these type of films. Who says any of these CGI remakes of old cartoons and comics have to be translated so literally from the original incarnations. What ever happened to just going to see a movie for the pure enjoyment of escaping dull reality. To much attention is put on analyzing the film. I liked the transformers when I was a kid but I wont sit down to watch this film expecting it to be exactly the same. The trailers I’ve seen so far for this picture look decent and I plan to give the movie a fair chance. I’ll wait until the first weekend passes and see how the viewing public rate the film instead of shooting it down before it even gets to theaters.

  4. Andrew Liszewski says:

    Michael, I can definitely see your point but I still disagree with film studios buying the rights to a popular property and then using said property’s reputation just to sell a film loosely based on it. Take ‘I, Robot’ or ‘Final Fantasy’. Neither of those films came even close to the already well known materials they were supposedly based on. If you’re going to make a Transformers movie then make a movie based on the lore and fitting in with storylines and characters already established. Otherwise call it ‘Giant Transforming Robots Adventure’ and not ‘Transformers’. Can you imagine the uproar if Peter Jackson had made the ‘Lord of the Rings’ but with a storyline completely unrelated to the books?

    It’s obviously not easy to translate comics or animated shows to a live-action film but I still think they could have made ‘Transformers’ truer to the characters many of us grew up with. I’m sure the film will be a success and as summer blockbusters goes it will fit right in, but it’s just not what I was hoping a ‘Transformers’ film would be.