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A Few Bits Of Jewelry

Stolen Jewels

By Evan Ackerman

Yeah, the Hope Diamond is pretty bling and all that, but it’s so, like, analog. We’re living in a digital world now baby, and that means low-res knockoffs of valuable commodities. Hope DiamondAs far as I know, designers Mike and Maaike are the first to take this beyond music, movies, and microcode (software). They’ve quite deliberately stolen images of famous pieces of jewelry via Google Image search, doctored them to a drastically lower resolution, and then printed them onto leather.

“With the expense and intricacy of the jewels stripped away, their essence and visual intensity are extracted.”

Hmm, having seen one or two of the pieces that they’ve reproduced in person, I’m not too sure I agree with that, but it’s a damn sight cheaper then getting your own 45 carat deep blue diamond, and you’re less likely to die.

The pieces are currently on show at the Velvet da Vinci gallery in San Francisco.

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