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Hamster Shredder, For The Paranoid Animal Lover

Hamster Shredder

By Evan Ackerman

As if hamsters weren’t already useful enough, here’s another way to get your money’s worth out of your fuzzy friend: have him shred your top secret files. Not only is paper shredded (without using a shred of electricity), but it then gets chewed up and woven into a nest, and even possibly eaten, digested, and turned into hamster poop. It doesn’t get more secure than that.

Hamster Shredder

Currently this is just a concept art project, but if you have a hamster (or any other rodent, for that matter), some of your top secret documents (or electrical cables) may already have been shredded.

[ Hamster Shredder ] VIA [ Boingboing ]


2 responses to “Hamster Shredder, For The Paranoid Animal Lover”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice idea, in principle, but, the ink on the page may be poisonous to rodents. Would you want to eat printed pages? Not a really good idea if you want hammy to live a long and healthy life.