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GIONEE S20 And V9 Hope SNES Emulation Is The Killer Cellphone App

GIONEE S20 and V9 Phones (Images courtesy Sogi!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Chinese phone manufacturer GIONEE is bringing a couple of new game phones to the market but instead of trying to create a new platform like Nokia did they’re going with some already proven titles. Both the S20 and V9 phones include a Super Nintendo emulator allowing them to play any game from that system. (At least I assume any game.)

The S20 (white) includes a slideout keypad for dialing and text entry while the V9 (black) uses a larger touch screen instead of a physical keyboard. However both phones do include a special 4 way directional pad on the bottom and A & B buttons on the top since the SNES games are meant to be played in a landscape orientation. Each one also includes a 2MP camera, 128Mb of internal memory and a microSD card slot.

The best feature though is a break-out cable allowing the phones to be connected to a TV for playing games or watching movies and photos on a much larger screen.

At the moment I have no idea when the phones will be hitting the market or for how much.

[ GIONEE S20 & V9 ] VIA [ SlashPhone ]


4 responses to “GIONEE S20 And V9 Hope SNES Emulation Is The Killer Cellphone App”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is NES, not SNES.

  2. Alex says:

    Fugg, this is frekkin awesome!

  3. Rael says:

    Amazing Phone, but it´s a NES Emulator, not a SNES…

    SNES emulator in a cell phone is too good to be true!

    C ya

  4. d4n13l says:

    where can i get one??!?!?