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Swiss Army Greeting Cards – When You Care Enough To At Least Send Something

Swiss Army Greeting Cards (Image courtesy Paradoxy Products)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the all-in-one pocket knife the Swiss Army Greeting Card has got you covered no matter what celebration, anniversary or milestone you may have forgotten. Each card covers the 36 most important holidays and personal celebrations (was there a vote for most important that I missed?) including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, graduations and even Labor Day for those who feel a card is necessary for that particular holiday.

Just check off whatever celebration the card pertains to, add a personal note if needed and sign on the dotted line. The card then folds itself into its own envelope and self-seals with the ‘Swiss Wink’ sticker on the outside.

The website claims the card is available in “four lively colors” but I’m not sure where or for how much.

[ Swiss Army Greeting Cards ] VIA [ Optical Poptitude ]


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