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Weekend Time Waster – CNET Presents The Greatest Arcade Games Of The ’80s

CNET - The greatest arcade games of the '80s (Images courtesy their respective owners)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure there are as many of our readers out enjoying the nice weather this weekend as there are still stuck behind their computer. Whether you’re catching up on work or just staring at your screen waiting for what Mr. Jobs has to say on Monday here’s a nice way to kill a few minutes.

CNET has posted a gallery with short blurbs listing what they consider to be “The greatest arcade games of the ’80s.” I have to admit the list is not as comprehensive or in-depth as I was hoping but at least there’s a few pictures worth checking out if only for nostalgia sake.

[ CNET – The greatest arcade games of the ’80s ] VIA [ Kotaku ]