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Sega Announces iPenguin, What Could Possibly Come Next

By Evan Ackerman


A few years ago the Sega iDog came out, and apparently it was popular enough to spawn the iFish, and now, the iPenguin. These casually interesting speakers react to audio input, flashing their LEDs and waggling their various appendages. I am not at all sure why the penguin was chosen, but as for the next iAnimal, I hope it’s going to be the iAye-Aye. Why? Because maybe then people will finally realize that the whole “i” prefix does, in fact, sound silly… Even if it makes your dancing penguins fly off the shelves.

We’re not sure if the iPenguin will manage to migrate across the Pacific, but based on this article, we ought to be seeing them sometime soon, even if they are a little bit confused when they get here.

VIA [ Akihabara News ]


2 responses to “Sega Announces iPenguin, What Could Possibly Come Next”

  1. mcman says:

    Why a penguin?

    To take advantage of the penguin craze of course. Unless you’ve been in a hole the last 2 years you would have known of a huge award winning documentary as well as several animated films including Happy Feet.

    Using this as a marketing tool makes them, well….smart like a penguin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    These have been out for a while. ThinkGeek as well as all the major stores have had them for months.