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Friday Timewaster: Fingerjig


By David Ponce

It’s Friday, you’re at work. You’re not actually going to work, are you? Didn’t think so. So, here’s our contribution to reducing your productivity: Fingerjig. It’s a fun application that tests your typing abilities. Yeah, we know, you thought it would be some sort of game; this almost sounds like… well, like work. But just give it a try, you’ll see, it’s kind of fun. It’s certainly not the first typing test around, but its got one of the best interfaces. It takes six minutes to complete, and you can submit your high score at the end. Yours truly’s high score: 704,166. Not even close from the top, sadly. What’s yours?

Oh, and if your boss catches you, you can tell him you were training, or learning new words, or something.

[ Fingerjig ]