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X-Keys – One Button Keyboard Shortcuts

X-keys (Images courtesy P.I. Engineering)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s no question that keyboard shortcuts can be a real time saver particularly for apps you use on a daily basis. But what if you had a shortcut for all those keyboard shortcuts? Imagine how much time you’d save then… Unfortunately it seems I’m not the first person to have this revelation since the X-keys is a set of 16 user-programmable keys that can be used to reproduce almost any keyboard shortcut at the push of a button.

The X-keys include either Macro Works software for Windows users or iKey software for Mac users which allows you to program any combination of keystrokes or mouse commands to each of the individual buttons. These settings can either be stored on the PC or saved to the X-keys onboard memory. And if you’ve been dragging your feet on that computer upgrade you’ll be happy to know the X-keys are available in both USB and PS2 configurations.

The X-keys are currently available from the P.I. Engineering website for $99.95 each.

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