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Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Mini Oven

Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Mini Oven (Image courtesy John Lewis)
By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to cooking in a small space I don’t think you can get much more functionality crammed into a small appliance than with the Russell Hobbs Mini Oven. Well, I guess they probably could stick an MP3 player in there too if they really wanted.

On the bottom you’ll find a thermostatically controlled oven which has a respectable 26L capacity and is also self-cleaning. On top of the oven you’ll find a large (1kW) and medium (0.7kw) hotplate which can be used at the same time as the oven for grilling, roasting, boiling or frying. You’re not gonna be cooking up any Thanksgiving feasts with this thing but you can do far more than just noodles.

Of course if you live in an apartment small enough to need the Mini Oven its $200 price tag from John Lewis might not fit your budget. But if you’re equipping that new half-million dollar motorhome it could be the perfect addition.

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