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Nintendo DS To Get ‘Slide Controller’ Add-On

Nintendo DS Slide (Images courtesy Nintendo & Inter-Fab) By Andrew Liszewski

Famitsu Magazine via IGN is reporting that Nintendo will be bundling a new “slide controller” peripheral with an upcoming Nintendo DS game called Slide Adventure: Mag Kid. The new peripheral plugs into the GBA slot on the DS and sits underneath the system kind of like a stand. As you slide the DS around on a flat surface the peripheral detects those movements and uses them to control the main character. For example sliding the DS in the direction of an enemy onscreen will cause the Mag Kid character to ram into them.

It sounds to me like Nintendo is trying to bring some of the motion control functionality that made the Wii so popular to their handheld systems. The last time they did something like this was with Wario Ware: Twisted for the GBA and while the game didn’t break any sales records it’s still one of the best titles ever created for that system.

And the slide controller can only make you wonder what the successor to the DS will be capable of…

[ IGN: Nintendo’s New DS Controller ]


2 responses to “Nintendo DS To Get ‘Slide Controller’ Add-On”

  1. Matt says:

    Please no Mercury in it Nintendo. Or it will never make it to Europe. EVER!

  2. TechFresh says:

    Like it…makes it more flexible..