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Dutch Postal Service Introduces Seeded Stamps

TNT Post Seed Stamps (Images courtesy TNT Post)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems the latest trend in being environmentally friendly is to embed seeds in everything from business cards to stamps now thanks to the Dutch postal service, TNT Post. The photo of the mailbox overflowing with flowers and greenery is a bit misleading since the seeds are actually embedded in the stamp under a thin layer of plastic. The idea is that the recipient of your letter simply has to peel back the plastic and then plant the stamps and seeds for an instant garden.

It’s actually a lot better than my idea of stamps covered with Sea-Monkeys. The effect of seeing those little guys come to life after the letter arrived was pretty cool but the whole licking a stamp covered in brine shrimp just didn’t go over so well with the focus group.

[ TNT Post ] VIA [ Inhabitat ]


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