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Pump Up Your Wine

By Evan Ackerman

Air Pressure Bottle OpenerI have never personally had issues opening wine, most likely because the wine I tend to drink comes in either a box or (if I’m lucky) a jug rather than a bottle. But if you’re some sort of millionaire, you may have had the unfortunate experience of a broken piece of cork sullying the delicate taste of your prized bottle of Charles Shaw. The air pressure bottle opener keeps the cork intact, using air pressure to force it out of the bottle… Just jam the needle in, and after a few pumps, the cork will “lift itself right out of the bottle.” That sounds suspiciously low-key to me, since champagne corks operate on the same potentially explosive principle. If you’re worried that a gussied-up bicycle pump might itself effect the taste of your wine, I have some good news: the way to remove “rubber tire taste” (which is a legitimate wine aroma/flavor) is through “vigorous aeration.” Yours for £14.99.

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2 responses to “Pump Up Your Wine”

  1. Kyle says:

    I have the same thing from Brookstone . . . works like a charm, although everyone always plays with it because if you leave the cap on and pump it, the cap flies off! Works very well though.

  2. GadgetChick says:

    I have had the pleasure of cork swimming around the bottle of my already cheap tasting wine! Maybe I should go back to my days of drinking wine from a box πŸ˜‰