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ODYSSEY Ultimate Frisbee With LED Lighting

Black Jax Sports ODYSSEY Disc (Images courtesy Black Jax Sports)
By Andrew Liszewski

The ODYSSEY Ultimate disc boldly claims to be the “BRIGHTEST DISC EVER MADE” and since I’ve never seen a light-up frisbee before they’re probably right. It uses 4 high intensity LEDs in conjunction with a 6 volt lithium battery to produce a bright glow that can apparently be seen for up to 2 miles.

Since Ultimate is an actual sport with defined rules the LEDs and power source on the disc are positioned to maintain a perfect balance for flight and to not alter the feel when it’s being thrown. And all the electronics used in the ODYSSEY only add 10 grams bringing the total weight of the disc to 185 grams.

It’s available directly from the Black Jax Sports website in red, blue or green for $19.99.

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