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Credit Card Emergency Cutlery

Credit Card Cutlery (Image courtesy Cooper Hewitt :: the Shop) By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by Ineke Hans this compact knife and fork come attached to each other in a convenient credit card sized package that can be carried in your wallet or purse. Then during a snack craving instead of buying a bag of chips or a candy bar you can instead buy something healthy since you’ll always have a set of cutlery with you.

Thankfully I’ve never had to face an emergency whereby finding a set of cutlery was the most pressing issue at hand. But knowing other people have been in just that situation makes my stories about trips to the emergency room seem less impressive.

Since I assume the Credit Card Cutlery can only be used once the $10 price tag from Cooper Hewitt :: the Shop would probably make me seriously consider just eating with my hands.

[ Credit Card Cutlery ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]


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