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Zip Zip Lego USB Drive

By Evan Ackerman

Zip Zip Brick

Although Zip Zip is in no way sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by Lego®, that doesn’t seem to be stopping them from making flash drives out of what appear to be actual (eviscerated) Lego bricks. They’re only available in 1 gig, but they come in the regress-to-childhood primary colors of red, green, yellow, and blue. What I’m really wondering is if you stick two of these together, will they line up with my USB ports? And what about if I build a spaceship around them? For $48 each, it had better be one pretty sweet spaceship. And yes, they are also available in black, no spray painting necessary.

[This is similar to another drive we wrote about some time back, except you can actually buy this one, while you had to make the other one yourself. -Ed.]

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