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Inverted Viteo Garden Shower Looks A Little Odd, Is Darn Convenient

viteo inverted shower By David Ponce

We can think of a bunch of reasons you’d want to shower in your garden: frolicking around in the grass, gal pals getting muddied up… you get the idea. But it’s not always simple to install a shower outside. If you’re willing to put up with a little strangeness, you can solve your problem with the inverted Viteo Garden Shower. Hook it up to a water supply, and as soon as you step on it, water shoots up from 16 nozzles, up to whatever height your water pressure allows. There are filters on the nozzles to prevent their becoming clogged from all the aforementioned mud. And yes, you’re understanding right: this setup requires absolutely no installation, unless you consider hooking it up to a hose an installation.

This convenience doesn’t come cheap though: it’s £469.

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3 responses to “Inverted Viteo Garden Shower Looks A Little Odd, Is Darn Convenient”

  1. Snelleeddy says:

    How is this convenient? If your darn fat you’ll block all the water…. And especially since just putting your hose up in a tree is £469 cheaper and.

    Well “design” probably

  2. Mike says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to go ahead and request more pics…

  3. TechFresh says:

    Kinda’s too public for me.