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Gratuitous Video: C-RAM Phalanx

By Evan Ackerman

C-RAM Phalanx

Wired‘s Danger Room defense blog has voted the C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar) defense system as it’s #1 example of war tech, which gives me an excuse to post a video of the system in action. The C-RAM is a Phalanx 20mm gatling cannon that can spit out 75 armor piercing shells per second, and using it’s sophisticated radar tracking system, is able to shoot down missiles, rockets, artillery shells, and mortar shells in flight:

The US Military isn’t the only force with this kind of technology. See some more examples (even if the videos are slightly less cool) after the jump.

The Thales Goalkeeper, a 30mm gatling system from the Netherlands. My apologies for all the soccer:

The Russian Kashtan system, a combination of two 30mm gatling cannons and four missiles. My apologies for all the Russian:

VIA [ Danger Room ]