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Hanwang Two-In-One Tablet Mouse

Hanwang T&MOUSE (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

At the CHITEC 2007 show in Beijing, China a company called Hanwang showed off a new mouse with a built-in tablet called the ‘T&MOUSE.’ The tablet surface sits in a sunken crater on the back of the mouse which probably makes using it feel a little weird. The ridiculously small size of the tablet also limits how useful it could be. While I wouldn’t exactly rely on it for Photoshop work it might be useful for jotting down a single character now and then. But even something simple like creating a digital signature would be difficult given the limited writing area.

There’s currently no word on pricing or availability but you can be sure it won’t be hitting North America anytime soon.

[ Hanwang T&MOUSE ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]