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Toshiba’s In-Car HD DVD Player

Toshiba Automotive HD DVD Player (Image courtesy Tech-On!)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the battle over high-def disc formats wages on in the home Toshiba appears to be making a preemptive strike at the automobile market. At the ‘Automotive Engineering Exposition 2007’ the company showed off a prototype in-dash HD DVD player they’ve been co-developing with Alpine Electronics.

I’m not sure if the unit included a pop-up HD LCD screen but without one it seems kind of pointless to use an HD DVD disc in the first place. But I guess with newer movies being released to the HD DVD format people are starting to amass collections they will eventually want to use on the road.

Toshiba is hoping to actually release the player sometime in 2008 and is no doubt also hoping the HD DVD format is still a contender in a years time.

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