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By Andrew Liszewski is clearly meant to compete with the new Joost streaming video service but they seem to have one slight advantage at the moment. While Joost has gone out and legally secured their content doesn’t seem too worried about the law and has amassed a pretty impressive collection of movies and TV shows available as streaming Divx files.

The site does use the Divx web player (as opposed to Flash) which means you’ll have to install it if you haven’t already. And unfortunately it also means doesn’t work with the Nintendo Wii’s browser either. The videos aren’t exactly DVD quality but compared to other streaming sites like YouTube it’s like watching a 4K digital print. The list of available films contains plenty of B-movie titles but there are also quite a few flicks definitely worth watching. (Blade Runner for example.) And if there’s any doubt regarding the legality of you can also watch the second half of Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End if you missed it in theaters this past weekend. For those who prefer TV the site also has a pretty up-to-date collection of popular shows if you missed them the first time around.

A quick WHOIS search of the domain reveals that is based out of Sweden which could mean the site will keep operating for at least a bit longer before it inevitably gets shut down.

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