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Cool Jazz – Guitar Shaped Ice Cube Stirrers

Cool Jazz - Ice Cube Guitar Stirrers (Image courtesy Verbena)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though they may rock harder than the rest of us, groupies are still like you and me and have the same basic needs. So when the temperature rises they also seek out a cool beverage for some relief from the heat. But when you’re a groupie ice cubes just don’t cut it. Instead these Cool Jazz Ice Cube Guitar Stirrers are the way to go.

The kit includes 3 plastic stir sticks shaped like the neck and fret board plus the mold used for making the guitar body out of ice. And given the unique shape of the mold I assume it’s made from silicon or some other soft material to make it easy to remove the guitars once they’re frozen.

The Cool Jazz ice cube mold is available from Verbena for $9.

[ Cool Jazz-Ice Cube Guitar Stirrers ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]