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Vending Machines To Become Mini Factories

WaterWerkz Froobee (Image courtesy Packaging Today) By Andrew Liszewski

A UK company called WaterWerkz has developed a new type of vending machine that mixes, packages and dispenses beverages on-demand. The idea for the PouchLink System as they call it was inspired by street vendors in India who were selling water in plastic bags. The PouchLink System is a similar concept and the inventors feel it’s a more efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution than traditional vending machines.

After the user selects their beverage filtered water pumped from a connected pipe is mixed with a syrup or fruit concentrate. A pouch is removed from a large flat packed spool and is then filled and capped before being delivered to the customer. Not only does the new system allow for different sizes of beverages to be ordered with different sized pouches but it also means a vending machine can operate for longer periods of time without needing to be restocked. Depending on the size options a single machine can store enough beverage mix and pouches for about 2,000 servings.

The machines should start hitting the streets in the UK sometime in the next quarter with companies like Nestle, Jusante and Bottlegreen Drinks already on board.

[ Drinks vending machines can form pouches on demand ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]

  • Earthworm

    Yeah but if you have to have a water line running to your vending machine, that limits where it can be placed. Its alot easier (and cheaper) to just plug in a machine to a wall socket rather than run new plumbing. Novel, but I’m skeptical if it will take off.

  • Brian

    I think it’s a great idea. It not that hard to plumb a water line. My only reservation is the American thirst for fizzy drinks. I’m not feelin’ this machine’s potential without the ability to mix up some good ol’ fashioned Atlanta Holy Water.

  • Aaron Davis

    sounds a lot like the average coffee/hot cocoa machine