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Powerbrick Foot Warmer

Power Brick Foot Warmer

By Evan Ackerman

Everybody makes such a big deal out of laptop cooling; I’m completely in favor of laptop (powered) warming. What with the price of oil these days, I depend on my laptop to heat my apartment, and it does a pretty good job of it, too. Clement Eloy over at feeladdicted has taken advantage of an oft overlooked laptop component, the powerbrick, which is usually scrumptiously warm when your laptop is on. He’s created a pair of slippers with a powerbrick sized slot to keep your toes toasty. Adjust the temperature by adjusting the workload on your laptop… Run some benchmarks in the background if you’re getting chilly feet while websurfing. The slippers may be just a prototype, but with a little bit of experimentation you just might be able to figure out how to warm things with your powerbrick all by yourself.

[ Feel Addicted ] VIA [ Design Crack ]

  • krats

    Do they fit size 15 feet?