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GlowFur: Glow Crazy

By Evan Ackerman

GlowFurTwo of my favorite things ever, glowyness and fuzzyness, have come together more or less harmoniously in the GlowFur line of glowing and furry apparel. Designed for that group of people who you see in nightclubs and nowhere else on earth, the GlowFur catalog features purses, vests, hats, and a miniskirt/top/leggings ensemble. A full length GlowFur coat is about $800, which may make you think that they must be made from some critically endangered radioactive animal. In fact the fabric is battery powered, glowing for 8-10 hours, and contain lots of complicated wiring which isn’t supposed to heat up or electrocute you. They’re also (somehow) machine washable. As for the designs for men, there’s really nothing that you could wear in public without looking like a pimp (i.e. long fur coats and fur fedoras), which is too bad… Or is it too bad? Yes, yes it is.

Enjoy GlowFur’s mildly risque (and possibly mildly NSFW) promo video, after the jump.

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